Paper Options

NOTE: Printing can be done on only these cardstock options. If you see a solid colored background on a printed layer, that is an ink color or graphic printed onto either a white or ivory cardstock {i.e. it is not actually a colored cardstock}. Lighter colored inks {i.e. whites and ivories} are not available on the kraft cardstock option.

Invites by Jen Paper || Wedding Invitation Customization Options

Color Chart

These colors are available for envelopes, envelope liners, pocket folds, backing cardstock layers, and other non-printed cardstock or paper elements. Colors marked with an asterik have a metallic finish on envelopes and cardstock {ink colors are printed to coordinate but are not metallic}. All monitors will show the color chart below differently. For accurate color matching, please request free swatches or order a sample package before finalizing your order.

Invites by Jen Colors || Wedding Invitation Customization Options

Font Options

When choosing your fonts, you will pick a Script font and a Block font…

Script fonts will be used for short lines of text such as your names or titles. Headlines {such as “Response” or “Accommodations”} are also great places to use script fonts as to not overpower the design or cause your text to appear cluttered or hard to read.

If you want a bold, modern or casual look, consider using a mix of different block fonts, in lieu of any script fonts.

Block fonts will be used for the bulk of your wording.  Block fonts that have a serif have a more traditional feel, whereas sans serif fonts will appear more modern or casual.

There are some exceptions and cross-over fonts that look more like a script font but remain fairly easy to read and can therefore be used for the bulk of your wording.

Still unsure? You can either ask Jen for advice or place your order choosing one script and one block font that you think you like the best. Once you see your proof, you can request changes to your font if you’d like a different look.

Invites by Jen Fonts || Wedding Invitation Customization Options

Invites by Jen Fonts || Wedding Invitation Customization Options

Invites by Jen Fonts || Wedding Invitation Customization Options

Layering Options

Upgrade the look of the base {single layer, flat invitation} card by adding solid color cardstock layers

Invites by Jen Layering Styles || Wedding Invitation Customization Options

Addressing Options

Save yourself time and a {potential} head ache and let Jen address the envelopes for you! Printing offered in black, brown, or grey ink only. Your guest list addresses must be submitted before Jen will work on your order proofs; use this Guest Addressing Template.

Invites by Jen Envelope Addressing|| Wedding Invitation Customization Options